23 May 2018

InterAsso Nantes

You might have already seen this logo around the faculty or on social media. But do you really know what is InterAsso Nantes?

Founded in 2012, InterAsso Nantes is an association which can not make profit. Its goal is to gather all the students association from Nantes. It creates a joint network in which the different associations can discuss and create collaborative projects. InterAsso has the majority within the councils of the University of Nantes and the Board of Directors of the CROUS Pays de la Loire. The association is also a member of “Fédération des Associations Générales Etudiantes (FAGE)”, which is the first student organization in France.

Student representation is the first mission of InterAsso Nantes. This approach helps to improve life and study conditions in the student world. InterAsso Nantes collaborates with the CROUS Pays de la Loire, the University of Nantes, the Region Pays de la Loire, Nantes Métropole…

InterAsso values its independence. It operate outside political parties, religion and unions. It allows it to establish a clear social dialogue and to defend interests of all students from Nantes. The association informs students about the adopted decisions, from local deciison to national ones.

The right to do a gap year: a victory for InterAsso Nantes. Since 2016, it is now possible to do a gap year. It consists of temporarily suspend a higher education degree in order to acquire a personal experience. You can do it on your own or through a program, in France or abroad. During this period, students rights are conserved.”

The second mission of InterAsso Nantes is to contribute to college life on campus, and to develop projects. The association supports cultural, sport, public awareness and healthcare initiatives. It frequently organizes events to animate your campus.

InterAsso is finally a major player in college life in Nantes, with a team of elected representatives ready to help every students.


Administrative Office: 

President : Théo Combelle
Treasurer : Amaury Couprie
Secretary geenral : Benjamin Gilbert


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