23 May 2018


Tempted to adopt a mentor?


JurisNantes pamper the L1. From the start of the school year, the Corpo is responsible for holding stands in the hall of the faculty for first-year students to join a list. This list allows us to match an L1 with an older student.


We then communicate the contact details of the mentor and mentored, either by email or via the phone number. They can thus make an appointment at the annual cocktail party organized each year.

Having a mentor when you are in L1 is reassuring! Arriving in the first year of law school can be stressful, we do not necessarily know the other students, we must understand how the faculty works … But do not panic, your mentor will be there to help you in those moments!

Your mentor will undoubtedly encourage you to join the integration week-end, and he will persuade you to join him in tonus. So trust him, he knows all the workings of college and student life!