23 May 2018

Past papers

Exams, a word we all do not like to hear ..

Do not worry, we are here to help you!


When exam periods are approaching, we are all looking for a way to practice, to test our knowledge and organize ourselves in our revisions. Well we are working in this direction for you!

This year we tried to collect the different exam topics from last year in order to make them available during your study time on a common area. We hope you find it useful and we make every effort to access exam topics from other years so that you have several choices.

Feel free to click on it and browse it!


If you have questions about exams, concerns or even opportunities to access other topics, contact us on our social networks or come see us directly in our office in our faculty.

WARNING : For foreign students, we do not yet have the adaptations of the exams for you, we make every effort to provide them soon.