23 May 2018


As a student, do you want to know what kind of help you can benefit from?
We will try to clarify things!


In France, students in higher education can benefit from financial help, more commonly called scholarships, according to their social criteria.

Who is this scholarship for?

If you are a student under 28 years old on September 1st of the academic year and you are taking training that can accommodate fellows, such as the Law Faculty you may be eligible for state financial help.

These bursaries are calculated based on your parents’ income, the number of children in your household and the distance from your school. These different criteria may entitle you to a scholarship on social criteria. The amount that will be given to you will depend on your echelon, calculated as points according to the criteria mentioned above. It ranges from 1009€ over one year to 5551€ over one year.

If you are a foreign student, learn about your rights!

What are the other advantages if you get a scholarship on social criteria?

  • Exemption from university fees: you will only pay the fees
  • Exemption from the contribution “student life”
  • Priority in allocating student housing CROUS

How can you benefit from this financial help?

Simply fill out the Dossier Social Etudiant (DSE). After having created an account and made a request on the site, you will receive an email with the file to be completed then to send back to the address of the CROUS which you depend on. For the students of the Law Faculty of Nantes, it is the CROUS of Nantes.

Here is a table to summarize the different steps (in French), extracted from the website mentioned above:

Attention, your request must be made before the deadline!

If you are in a particular situation, if your are a foreign student for exemple, or you need help to fulfill your request, do not hesitate to contact the CROUS de Nantes directly, they will provide you with the help you need.

Do you wish to benefit from CROUS accommodation?

As said before, if you wish, you can apply for accommodation CROUS. However the priority of housing distribution is granted to students benefiting from a scholarship on social criteria. The steps to follow are the same. You must make a request and complete a file on the website dedicated.

IMPORTANT: As a foreign student you can benefit from additional support, do not hesitate to inquire on the websites of the government or even to contact your exchange advisor for more information!