23 May 2018

Ski trip

Participating in a trip so we all find ourselves a week away from our daily lives,

what do you think about it ?


Each year we organize a trip of about one week in a ski resort to allow you to create links between law students but also to relax and enjoy the ski slopes.

Our next trip should (well yes nothing is still 100% sure) happen in Risoul, a town located in the Hautes-Alpes, in France. In this resort you can find a lot of ski slopes but also toboggan runs.

The provisional dates we have chosen for our next trip are from Friday 18th January 2019 to Sunday 27th January 2019. Your participation to this trip will be about 400 €, for the transport, accommodation and the various activities that we will propose on the spot.

Our days will be punctuated by ski sessions during the day but also many activities organized by the tour operator such as fights in sumo costume, sledding and many more!

All the trips that we organized previously were a real success and that is why we wish to remake the experience for the year 2019.

We will provide you with any additional information when we have them. If you are interested in the event, follow us on Facebook or feel free to come see us directly in our office. Stay connected!