23 May 2018

The History of our Corporation

The association JurisNantes is called the “Corpo”, meaning Law Students Corporation from Nantes !

Created in 2008, the association took over the former corporation AEDN (Association des étudiants en droit de Nantes) founded in 1949 which lapsed.

As its name implies, JurisNantes is in charge to manage student life. It includes three types of activities: student services, animations and student representation.

The corporation gathers all students and supports them year-round. In that respect, we encourage you to come and meet us in the office if you have any sort of problem, or write to us.

In all our fields of action, the association follows some core values in order to respect the good performance of the faculty. Thus, active members of JurisNantes do not perceive any remuneration. Their are doing voluntary work, and their only motivation is to help students!

Furthermore, the corporation does not support any political parties or ideology. We consider that our role is to rise above political divisions to bring together students during the entire college life, and sometimes beyond.