23 May 2018

Tips for freshmen

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We, the members of JurisNantes, know that the first year at the university is made up of a mountain of questions, the guide we offer allows you to have answers to your questions in specific and direct ways.

You will be able to find answers about our association, the functioning of the courses as well as the methodology, the Law Faculty but also the organization of the campus with all the information on the Library and even the services of the CROUS.

Extract from the word of the President of the corporation (translated): Lancelot TOUZÉ

“Dear newcomers to law school,

The association Jurisnantes is happy to

present you the 2017-2018 edition of the handy Guide

This guide written by students for students has
the primary objective of helping you orient yourself and
familiarize yourself with the different services offered by the

He answers in a concise and clear way to the questions that you might have. “

Sorry, but this guide is currently only available in French

Tips for freshmen download it !